's Young Barista and Part-Time Forex Trader - Huck!
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    Default's Young Barista and Part-Time Forex Trader - Huck!

    In the middle of drowning in work last week, I decided that I was in need of a coffee break. I went to the office cafeteria to get a cup of café latte. I thought this would help in reversing the effects of sleep deprivation. Little did I know this decision was the effect of the stars aligning for me!

    While sipping my latte and flipping through pages of a newspaper, a young lady sat on the vacant chair beside me. It was Huck. She commended my Happy Pip interview and told me that Happy Pip had shared with her some of our interview moments.

    After blushing and giggling like a little girl, I realized that this was THE moment I’ve been waiting for.

    I grabbed the opportunity and asked her if she’s willing to be interviewed, too. And obviously as you are now reading this article, she gladly accepted my request. I did the interview right then and there while we both took our breaks. Consider this as my first ambush interview!

    We also had a quick chitchat about her personal life, which I will not share with you! Ha! I have some personal questions for her in this interview though so there’s no reason to feel bad.

    For those who haven’t heard of this pretty, young and smart lady, Huck is the author of “The Loonie Adventures of a Forex Noob.” She’s a part-time trader and at the same time works as a barista. She also developed her own mechanical system called “The HLHB System.” So if you are in the same situation or just a person who aspires to be a forex trader, you’ll definitely want to subscribe to her blog.

    I’m sure you will like her even more as you read about her personality and trading adventures in this interview!

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    1. Please tell us about yourself. Maybe a background on how and when you started your adventure in the forex trading industry?

    On one hot summer day about two years ago, while I was working my shift at the coffee shop, I got to chat with this old dude named Forex Gump.

    At first, we talked about completely random things – the weather, the coffee, television shows – but soon after we got into forex trading. I told Forex Gump that I had dabbled a bit in forex, but never really got into it.

    It was then when he introduced me to I read the entire School of Pipsology TWICE in just a few weeks and immediately got hooked. I would contact Forex Gump from time to time to ask questions, but I usually tried to figure it out on my own.

    Then, to my surprise, Forex Gump offered me a blog on to chronicle my “misadventures” in Forex trading. At first I was hesitant, since I was such a noob, but he told me that’s exactly what he wanted. So, with his assurance, I gladly accepted.

    2. Your blog title says “Loonie Adventures of a Forex Noob”. It’s been over a year now, do you still consider yourself a noob? Why or why not?

    Yes, definitely. I believe that we all are noobs in one way or another. I mean, no one can ever predict what’s gonna happen next in the market, right? Even those who have been out in the field for eight to ten years say that they still make noob mistakes from time to time.

    However, I think I’m less of a noob now than I was before.

    3. Tell us more about your HLHB system. What made you decide to create this system?

    When I was learning how to trade, I got so intrigued with Pip Surfer’s blog. It made me realize that I could trade and even profit from a purely mechanical system.

    In trading, one of the biggest burdens is dealing with the psychological stress. By creating a mechanical system with a strict set of rules, I am able to take away the burden of THINKING!

    4. What‘s your most memorable trade? What have you learned from it?

    Hmmm, I guess I’d have to say that it was my short EUR/USD trade that I took in February. The setup couldn’t have been any more perfect: bearish divergence, three inside down candlestick pattern, and a falling trend line. I was so confident that my trade would turn out to be a winner, but it didn’t. Instead of what I hoped would happen, EUR/USD went on an upward rally and stopped me out. I think it was the trade that really taught me how unpredictable the market can be.

    5. What is your daily schedule like? How do you spend your non-trading hours?

    I don’t really have a strict schedule since my shift in the coffee shop that I work at varies. But normally, I am home before 9 pm EST (a couple of hours before the start of the European trading session). This gives me enough time to read up on macroeconomic news, look at my charts, and place my orders.

    6. What was the most useful trading advice anybody has given you? Who was it from?

    Oh, this one’s easy! "All traders start out at the bottom and have to work their way up the ladder of success, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help each other along the way." All credit goes to Dr. Pipslow for those inspiring words of wisdom. (I think he also used this in his blog).

    Being the eldest of three children, I’ve always been used to figuring things out on my own. Yes, I believe that being able to get to the bottom of things on your own is awesome, but it doesn’t always mean that you only have yourself to rely on.

    Dr. Pipslow told me that hearing about the mistakes and successes of other traders speed up the learning process. And so, it is for this particular reason why I’ve been trying really hard to get in touch with my readers. I know I have so much to learn from them, and who knows, maybe they’ll learn a thing or two from me too!

    7. Are you part of the FX-Men? How in the world did this happen?

    Since I’m a noob, I think I’m only an honorary FX-Men and not a full-fledged one. I don’t have super powers like them, but I am doing my best to become the best trader I could possibly be.

    8. You’re one of only three lady traders in the blogger circle, in your opinion, why are there fewer women traders out there? Do you have anything to say to aspiring female forex traders?

    Oh yeah, you’re right! There are only three of us! Let me see, I think one reason could be because trading has never really been described as a woman’s profession. Heck! I don’t think a movie has been made about Wall Street that features a lady trader as a lead character.

    But to all my home girls out there, don’t let this stop you! I believe women are as equally capable as men in surviving with the wild, wild world of forex. And besides, most traders are really friendly and willing to give advice. They say chivalry is dead but I’ve met more gentlemen in my two years of trading than all my teenage years combined! So don’t be afraid to holler your questions!

    9. Would you recommend forex trading to young people like you? Why?

    Trading is PERFECT for young people. Besides having a fresh mind and a lot of time on their hands, young people are driven, aggressive, and are more open to new things!

    10. Here’s a non-forex trading related question. For the impending zombie apocalypse, what will be your weapon of choice and why?

    A ray gun! I want the one in Call of Duty because it doesn’t only kick butt; it looks like something I can use as a hair curler too! C’mon! Who doesn’t want to shoot down zombies and look good at the same time?

    A big and warm thanks to Huck for spending an hour of her time to make this interview happen. As a woman and an aspiring forex trader, I think I will have to print this quotable quote out: “I believe women are as equally capable as men in surviving with the wild, wild world of forex.”

    She nailed it on that one! And may I add that this applies not just to forex trading but to whatever field we, women want to pursue. So ladies, if someone tells you you’re better off staying at home and doing chores than being behind the wheel, give them a vacuum cleaner and let them do it.

    …On second thought, maybe you should just tell them to visit and start reading Huck’s adventure? Not sure they can do a better job than you on that one.

    And that wraps up my amazing interview with Huck. See that! I’ve interviewed two of the bloggers! I should really start stalking the other members. I might just get lucky and score another chance to do an ‘ambush interview’.

    This might be my chance to become famous if I’ll have them all interviewed! And maybe, just maybe, after doing that, they might offer me a seat in the FX-Men table. Ha! I wish!

    Posted on May 2011 on the pips a la carte blog.

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    Greetings to a young barista.

    I am a fellow ex-barista turned full time trader.

    Good to see another trader that is a barista!

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    i m a part time barista as welll while full time studying in uni and doing causal trading....

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    Hi I'm new to this forum but have demoed FOREX for about 2 years with success and have traded stocks successfully for longer.
    I have a few questions:
    I wonder, have you read any good FOREX books that you've found helpful / contain good trading strategies?

    What FOREX methods have you tried and continue to use VS. methods you've tried and no longer use?

    Last question for the barista:
    Did you get in on that Starbucks play recently?

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    Iam a full time trader barista and newbie to this forum. I had trading in stock markets for more than 3 years and now very recently entered in fx markets. Love the twist and turns in the market

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    I blame baristas for at least 10 bucks of my spent money daily from Monday through Friday. Starbucks.... pfff... should be called Sevenbucks as far as I'm concerned, cause after a coffee and a snack, that's about what I spent. And then I'm taunted with a treat receipt to come back for more in the afternoon.

    That all said.

    I enjoyed this interview as well as your blog.

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    Nice one huck...u such an inspiration

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    Very Inspiring! Thanks for sharing and letting us to read your experiences, guys! Hope to hear from you soon!

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    You'are very honest about your answers.Inspiring thread!

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    It's interesting to know that young people are being involved in forex trading. I hope I've learned about it during my first job.

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