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    Last post, so true ))))))))))

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    On Investment, yeah there are various forms of investment you can opt for with varying degrees of risk - from stocks to forex market. You need to decide if the Fx market is the right choice - start with the demo and see how the market works. That should help you decide..

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    not invest more than the minimum; be sure to trade with a regulated broker; can try a demo account

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    New traders should understand the risk involve in forex trading. Most of the advertisement make it look easy but its not. The percentage of losers in forex market is very high, so you should do proper research before you start real account trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larpih View Post
    In our place we were made to believe that the only good thing to invest is in real estate. However, in this new time, many companies advertise their products and packages to invest in.

    How can I decide on where and how to invest my money? I am a noob to trading, I am not very familiar with forex but know a little, what is your suggestion?
    Never invest your money if you don't understand in details how returns on your investments will be made.
    If you want to start forex trading, begin with demo at least 6 months, choose some reliable broker suitable for newbies like FXCM or Hotforex, ask for help on forums if you need to get something explained.
    And never be lured by high returns. better invest into real estate or bank deposit if you don't have any knowledge about other investment programs.

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    If you dont have any idea about trading then do not invest any money over here. Forex trading risky business. Always invest money, in business where you have knowledge how you are going to work with.

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    Guys, the thread is A DECADE OLD.

    "Anaueltradts" just decided to bump it today, for some reason, to offer a one-line post repeating things said on the previous page - though that obviously helps nobody.

    Edited to add: I'm not complaining about it "just for the sake of it": it's really helpful if people can avoid doing this, as it serves only to knock other, more recent, more useful posts off the first page.
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