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    Quote Originally Posted by movni
    Geline, just out of curiosity what is your online job? I've been looking on the net for jobs online and can only seem to find things such as taking surverys-which I'm not interested in since I have to pay some amount of money.
    I got my online job from an employer which I worked for when I bid on his project. If you are from the US, I don't know if it would be applicable to you as the bid rates are low. I have written some of the links in my website. You might try to check them out. at:

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    Default 2 jobs!

    daytime working as a banker,
    when i reach home.....most of my time trading or do some research before putting an order live!

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    As a truck driver, my day job usually starts quite early. Anywhere from 12 midnight to 3am. So, I usually get up an hour before I have to start getting ready, look and see what's going on, place my trades - if all looks right - and let it ride till I get home. I'm usually home anywhere from 10am to 1pm.

    Obviously, stop losses are a big thing for me, and trailing orders to make sure I'm not wipped out if a trade goes against me. Seems to be working so far...

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