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    Question printable forex manual by

    hye all..i'm very2 new in forex..luckyly i found which explain in more simple and funny way..but there's alot to read, so is there any printable version of the manual..thnx!!

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    There is no printable version available for the new site right now. There was a printable version available on the old site for a small donation and we are currently revamping the PDF to reflect the new changes in content. We hope to have it available in the near future.

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    Thank you guys for the invaluable work and service you render. Kindly let me know when the manual becomes available, I would like to obtain a copy. Have yourself and your wonderful family a blessed Christmas and zillion pips in the new year.

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    great news pipdiddy, will be looking forward to it as well. have a pleasant holidays guys

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    One of the most valuable sites on the web - priceless infact - good job guys!

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