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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckscoder View Post
    LOL! Thats not an assumption. That is something with feedback. I KNOW it. Because those ppl for themself wrote it. Regarding your second sentence I agree! Are you making a consistently profit, by the way? I do!
    I am in profit...

    Not due to consistency...

    mostly due to LUCK.

    At least I know that and don't fall into the illusion that I am a good trader, as I know I am not.

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    That's a nice and honest attitude! I guess you will have better chances to become a consistent trader than most who guess they are. The point is: There will come a time when you will have drawdowns. Something like an ego squeeze, lol. If a trader is too confident, that's when his account is blown away.

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    how many people have this title

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    stefan sikone Guest
    I think this is a good service. Many people will be interested in this community by sharing their experience for all newbie. We know that, Forex trading is for many people is a new activity, and it will be an additional support for taking decision bur or sell.

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    stefan sikone Guest
    This is a good warning for new trader. You know that many newbie is usually over confidence with their effort to be a trader but they are not aware this.

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    Great information

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    anybody tell me how to gain points in this board?

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    I read the first 8 pages of this thread and I came to a conclusion.

    The number of people who keep at it until they are successful are really really low.

    Most have only 2 or 3 posts to their names before they disappear.

    And another interesting pattern emerges. They keep asking the same questions.

    Oh and in risk of not following the crowd, I have to say what a wonderful and insightful site babypips school has been.

    Its no doubt one of the best online. I am glad to have discovered it three or so years ago. I hope to be profitable and do this as a full time job.

    And finally, the most important statement, be rest assured this wont be my last post as I have a ton of questions to ask.


    Have a good weekend friends. !

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    Hi.. I am new to your forums and I am searching online for forex trade and found your site more interested and decided to join your forums. Plz help to gather more info on this topic. thanks!!!!

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    Default Charting software/platform used on

    Good afternoon, FX-Men. I would like to start contributing what I can; however, I would like to paste my charts in a similar format as used on the site. What platform or charting software is being used throughout the site? Thanks!!

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