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    Apr 2008
    Wahaha, my 1st post to become FX-MEN !

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    Apr 2008

    Default Am ON My Way

    Baby pip really break it all down

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    Apr 2008
    thanks babypips i have just finshed highschool. looking forward to making a good incom from trading thanks for your help.

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    Hi people ,

    My name is Umberto , I'm from Belgium and I'm new to forex . I'm reading the school of Pipsology .
    I originally was in the mlm industry and Hyip programs . I quit that in 2006 . I accidently stumbled on Marketiva on the MMG forum and while chatting in the Market Chatroom on Marketiva a experienced trader directed me to babypips to start learning the way to trade on forex . I'm happy that Babypips provides us newbies with this information and hope we all can benefit from what we learn .



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    Red face Lets keep this going

    Well some one needs to start this thing off again, so here is one that i coud do with some advice on... TAX...

    OK, Spread Betting Company or just a Broker?
    In the UK spreadbetting is considered a non-taxed income, but that didn't last
    long. Now we have to prove that trading is not our only source of income.

    Is this the case else where? Should i move abroad? Should i start a web site selling Cornish sand?

    And finally is this why so many hunderds of people sell their systems??

    Would be very grateful to hear any responces as it is a very grey area and i have just filled in my tax return!

    (please excuse any spelling errors as am word blind hehe )

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    Quote Originally Posted by kapitanpip View Post
    I'm in. Afterall, I graduated from this babypip university!

    Just my suggestion to fellow newbies: "Know the basics, and know it well by heart."

    Forget those "money-making" systems you see on the net. Chances are, they will make money from you!
    Great advice n serve as a constant reminder.

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    Default Brand new!

    Greetings all.....

    I am brand new to the Forex experience and am fortunate to stumble across! I searched several websites but none were as thorough as this resource!

    I am currently enrolled and should graduate studying this curriculum soon!

    see you on the other side soon

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    May 2008

    Default Graduate

    Hoooray!! I`ve just graduated from school of pipsology!
    I am So glad that i have survived the learning and now, i will learn more and more... Im From Slovakia and now, i would like to became FX-Man

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    Jan 2008

    Default Finally I Have Found The Holy Grail

    Finally I feel that have control over my life. Thank you for giving me hope of exiting THE RAT RACE. I owe it all to you and how well I do is all up to me.

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    Jun 2008

    Default A true BEginner here.

    Hi folks. I hate to say it but I have never traded before. Please forgive me. butI would feel it an honor to be one of the FX-Men. So please take some well earned pity on me. I have just started hi-school in I wonder if there is out there in the vast darkness of the internet any more sites like that would help us wayward beginner traders and enlighten us with their "treasures" of knowledge. Perhaps babypips is all the one needs to become somewhat proficient in trading the forex mkts.

    I just completed a two (2) day seminiar down in Orange County (this is in good "ole" So. Calif) on forex trading. Of course 99% of the infor. simply went in one ear and out the other. Also I already knew before I went that they wanted to sell us their system. Needless to say I didn't spend my money.

    Anyway first time in here, so please understand my somewhat low IQ when it comes to the forex mkts.

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