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    I make more than that you mentioned. I tool less than 1% risk in trading .In a month as a whole i get 10% to 15% profit easily .It is my managed way of trading . In risky trading one can make more profit if he had ability to manage risk at right time.

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    There are many interesting posts on this thread, but I really like this post. Like folks have said, it really comes down to account size and the value of pips being traded. I'm sure the fellow making 100 pips per day has a losing day / week occasionally. But he/she comes back from that because of knowing they are a strong enough trader to survive mentally. A good trader might have a lot of 25 pip days, and hit a lot of singles, but sets oneself up for the three run home run when the opportunity presents itself. Can I ask for the source to the forum with the information in your post. It is very interesting and I'd like to read more.

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    One thing that it take a while to get your head around is that profits dont come in a sustained way. If you have worked a normal job and are used to a salary then this is emotionally quite a difficult thing to adjust to.

    There is something else to note which is that there are 2 main types of strategy. High sharpe and low sharpe. Which one you go for is down to your personality and situation. You might want soemthing that makes a monthly income, something else might smash it 3 times a year and make all of your money. Its up to you which you prefer.

    I did read on another forum what a good scalper is able to make

    30 pips a day average
    50 pips a day good
    75 pips a day great
    100 pips a day killing it

    The markets have been very, very different over 2012-13 due to interest rate policy so i think this advince should be curtailed a little but i the flavour is roughly there.

    It is worth you reading about money management and leverage to work out, given how big your bank is, what 30 pips a day would look like. Don't underestimate how big a bank you need to safely support your trading but also do not underestimate compounding.

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    My two cents..., i believe that you make your own luck, luck by itself does not exist . Case in point, if i buy lottery tick i have the right to win, should i win is not just luck really because i was in it. However if i didn't BUY the ticket there is no way i can have the luck to win.
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    I would disagree with this statement. If you are successful then it should have absolutely nothing to do with luck. If you have an edge then you should be running like a casino. Its not that a casino cannot go bust but they limit how much damage a single punter can do to stop this from happening and play the long game. There is nothing to do with luck in regards to how a casino make money.

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