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    Default Stochastic parameter

    I wonder with the slow stochastic parameter big pippin use in his daily analysis.
    I mean the SlodD period & type, slowK period & type, etc.
    Can you explain it to me the number?


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    Hi ivonivon,

    I use the default settings on my charting software which is Slow Stochastics at 10,3,3.

    Hope that helps!

    Happy trading,


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    oh you're using xtick if i'm not mistaken?

    and also sometimes, (if not frequently) the charts you displayed in your blog daily differ from my platform. for example in your chart the candle stick has reached the tip of 100 SMA, while mine still hanged around.

    is different platform differs that much?
    i thought the price fluctuate in the same rythm in all platforms.
    or i'm mistaken??

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