im new to this forum, so thought i would introduce myself
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    Default im new to this forum, so thought i would introduce myself

    Hello all,

    I stumbled across the original site for babypips, about 5 months ago.
    Ever since then ive been hooked, gone through pip school, need to keep going over it. run a demo account for a while. opened a live account on 30/11/06 (for USA 11/30/06) its going well. Im using the trading plan thats in the pip school, with some adjustments. i swing trade, i look once in eve and once in morn on daily charts.... and dont ever use stops
    , i use 1/2% of my account (keep it low baby), or less %%

    " a stop loss is where you decide, you will lose"

    Its a mine field out there, everyone and his dog telling you they have "the holygrail" and trying to sell it to you. Anyone else new, stick around this is the place to be, you will find out what the holygrail is here........ only thing is, it comes from within. YES


    Im a newbie Bar 6 months or so, dont understand fib lines,channels and a host of other stuff. but one thing i think ive grasped.

    It takes passion, hard work, dicipline and emotion like ice. All skills take time to master.

    Im a plumber by trade, it took me 4 years before i knew the fundementals of plumbing. and another 16 years to be at the top of my game.

    It took passion, hard work and dicipline, heard it before ?

    So its worth hanging around for, get your hands dirty ! Master Forex

    Im here for the long run and i think babypips rocks. There giving us a top class foundation to work from, beats getting taken for a idiot and robbed.



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    Wow you nailed it right on the head Bigwal!

    In order for you to master plumbing, it took you so long as with mastering any profession.

    A lot of traders fail to realize that trading is just as demanding. It's very rewarding but at the same time, it takes time to master. I too found BabyPips a while back and it has definitely kept me on the right track so far. I'll admit sometimes I wish I could just pull in those pips faster, but the lessons here remind me that I have to stay focused and disciplined because trading is not an overnight ordeal. To be truly successful we have to be in it for the long haul. And that's exactly what I plan to do.

    Welcome to the boards! I think this is a great community and I'm excited to talk with traders that have all gone through the same things I did!

    Happy trading friend!

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    Bigwal, welcome to the forum!

    Twenty years a plumber?! You must be a master plumber like the Super Mario Bros.!!

    Seriously though, you're absolutely right about putting in the required work to truly "master" a craft. I'm on the same boat as you are. We're all striving to better ourselves as forex traders.

    I wish you the best of luck and don't hesitate to post questions if you ever get stuck.



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    Default hi skylar

    Hi Skylar,

    Yes it is hard not to ramp up the lots or fractional lots (like me),i have a lot size that doesnt worry me when i go to sleep at night. But i tell you what i wake up and theres a $2 or $1 or $3 bill on each trade that closes over night. I set a t/p (take profit) when i place my trades, i dont leave em free runnin, I have more control that way, proberly miss out on profit... but hey
    my accounts up.

    I try to look at them as numbers, not money. takes the greed and fear away from me. im playing for positive numbers not money. Try it, its a numbers game. When my accounts upto 50k,500k, its still numbers.

    Yes i really like this forum too, i have been on many, for about 4 years, all to do with

    Here is my what i like about baby pips

    1. its free
    2. these guys have a sense of humour, keeps it light hearted
    3. learning is fun with babypips
    4 bit size lessons, ideal for learning
    5. no one has been flamed for asking a simple question
    6. its been put together so well

    You know, when im laying on a beach, i think i might have to take my laptop with me, just to drop a few lines in here. Something like " thanks to those babypip guys im not doing to bad"

    catch ya soon

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    Im going back to pip school again, i always find when i keep going over information, i tend to retain more. 3 years of my plumbing life has been at college (evenings) study then practice, study then practice, study then practice.

    i wll ask questions as they arise

    Thank you


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