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    Hi, Can someone adv me on this I'm using FXCM trading station 11 (Demo)
    2)create on entry order
    3)create a market order
    4)change order rate
    5)Remove order.
    6)stop/limit , in this field request me to enter new rate ,what tis means
    more referring about trailing stop or whatever that I'm still confious.
    Trailing stop in this field what tis?.
    If i want to set 1 hour to stop the order , what i need to do in trading station. I'm still followed the guide but I'm still confious.
    presently I only use the market order to create a order for buy &sell the currency. To stop the order ..I click stop at trading station. is this a correct
    way using the platform & pls adv on the rest. One more thing today i have problem with the trading station FXCM 11 error : unable to obtain a
    station despciption & I could't access to this trading station. Anyone have
    faxing this problem before. Thankx

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    Ramzu, you should call FXCM's customer service. They will gladly walk you through on using their platfom and will stay on the phone with you until all your questions are answered. Their customer service is pretty good. Give it a shot.

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    you can down load thier trading station instructions guide available on their site and learn slowly and gradually. this is the most simplest trading station i have found for retail traders. very simple and you will understand only after learning the basics of forex.

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    the manual is attached please
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    Hi, Thankz for that. Just want to chk if I 'm going to live and let say the trading platform attached by the virus . so how is in this condition. how do you all continue trading if this problem faxing. the all platform affected by virus then how can continue back. all data
    deleted & how about the a/c if in real condition. Currently i'm facing for demo a/c that right . Send e-mail to them requested me to wait until sunday when market is open to chk back if that work or not
    from the error message that I'm facing. How about those in real
    trading condition, do you have 2 computer to run both same trading machine in order to backup when have this type of condition.Just chk further.

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