Need raw data (OHLC)
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    I need the daily Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) data for EUR/USD and USD/CHF in raw form preferably in Excel sheet or some structured form which I can feed into Excel or MS- Access and do further analysis. My broker charting facilities give only the graphical form of this data. Is there any site where from I can get the raw data free of cost? Thanks

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    You can probably get the data you need from Dukascopy.

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    Hi buddy, if you are using MetaTrader platform it is very easy to get OHLC data at a click. Follow the instructions below:

    1. Open MT4 Platform
    2. Go to Tools > History Center
    3. Click any desired symbols for example: EURUSD
    4. Click Export and select type as csv

    If you get the csv file, it is very much easier to convert in Excel

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    csv stands for "coma seperated value". This is an excel file but it is a commonly used format of an excel file to import or export data.

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    and if your not using MT4 just open a demo account with a broker that uses MT4.

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