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    Oanda does it works great, fast execution. I been using it live for almost a year now no problem. I hate mt4s execution time and personally use web apps for executing my trades MT4 more for analysis

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    Quote Originally Posted by barrettski View Post
    Google "earnforex", they have a list of brokers with web-based platforms

    (I'd post the link, but i'm not allowed to yet x) )
    I am sharing this list of Forex Brokers with Web Based Platform. Forex Brokers Web Based Platform, Browser Based Forex Broker

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    I'm currently trying out the demo account with Mahifx, its a web based platform. So far so good. You can't trade on the chart but the scalping function is pretty good.

    Etoro is pretty good but the spreads are not as good as Mahifx or oanda

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    eToro is even better if you know someone else already trading on it because you get $50 referral bonus and your friend will get $100 referral bonus

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