Which Brokers have Web based Trading?
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    Question Which Brokers have Web based Trading?

    Hey fellow Pipsters!
    I am somewhat new to currency trading. I was wondering what brokers have the best or easiest to use trading platform. I am also looking for a web based trading platform that I could log into and use. Any Suggestions?

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    Default umm...

    I am not sure which broker has the best web based platform. I have only tried Oanda's and Forex.com's and Oanda is much better. However, both have issues. Also, just so you know, this topic should be under the broker discussion section. In either case demo around and see which web based platform you like best!

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    oh, wrong area huh?
    Sorry about that.
    Thanks for the heads up.

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    I think google is your friend on this but some:
    Saxobank - I think the best platform, etoro, plus500, fxpro, interactive, 3tgfx, admiralmarkets, forexyard, MIG, so a lot

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    I don't know about you but I use liteforex to trade,they have 500 leverage and swap free account as well as they give 5$ bonus.I also hear about fxcast which is also reputed.

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    For new one's, I would recommend etoro. Try out their demo account and check their OpenBook. It's for yu to track real traders trading in real time.

    Good luck.

    Money Is Everything.

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    Forex.com, Dukascopy

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    We based trading will load your internet connection, it's better to use MT4

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    Yes but You can reach the trading from computers where You dont download MT4. If You are looking for web trader, also check mobile trading for the same reason.

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    Google "earnforex", they have a list of brokers with web-based platforms

    (I'd post the link, but i'm not allowed to yet x) )

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