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    Lightbulb Dummy Account question

    It appears to be written in stone that practicing
    via a dummy account for months - is an essential must do
    for any newcomer to FX.

    However, I have noticed that all dummy accounts
    appear to be for 30 days only and then they expire.
    How does anyone keep a dummy account for several months?

    I would have thought keeping the same account is important
    because of familiarity -
    since having to relearn how to use different types
    of new accounts with their software is an extra bind.

    By the way, this babypips site is a dream

    I wonder who the Dreamer is?

    Best Regards to all

    Robert UK

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    You are right, some brokers only offer 30 day demos. I know GFT is one such broker but they will generally extend it if you ask them and give them some kind of reasonable possibility that you will eventually open an account with them. I personally had my own demo extended with them 3 times.

    I know FXCM lasts only 30 days but you can simply start up a separate demo over and over again with no problems.

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    From what I've found, Oanda offers unlimited demo accounts and Alpari offers unlimited as well, as long as you "demo trade" with them at least once every 90 days.

    I suspect, as Pitbull indicates, you can just "reup" other accounts.

    Hope that helps,


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    Welcome Robert,
    Try FXGame demo from Oanda, it never expires. Based on java!

    Hope this helps!

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    Default Thanks a million - well maybe in the future

    Thanks every body for your tips!!

    shall now get started with your
    recommended dummy accounts.

    Best Regards


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    I love Oanda also but I wish they would get a 240 min chart so I could better follow our Blogs. I use Dailys / 3 hour / 15min. Aside from that I think they are awesome. You can setup as many windows as you want, customize them all with different indicators and save the layout. It all opens up exactly how you had it when you return, even on mulitple display setups . Of course it looks like crap when you go back to one display

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    I like to chk this. I"m finish my demo a/c with the FXCM 2 platform with the leverage 100:1 . I 'm planning to continue to the demo a/c with the same leverage 100:1 . How I can set up again the new a/c with same platform. Can I set again new a/c with this platform and how I can do this. Meaning to repeat again and again once balance is finished or having a margin call from the demo which i totally can't access again to play with the demo a/c.
    I have another question. Let say if I want to change the demo a/c with a mini a/c leverage 200:1 . Can I set the leverange from the platform t
    with a new total balance a/c. I 'm using a FXCM platform nd anyone having experience on reperting play with the demo a/c pls adv.

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    Default just open a live account... lol (i'll explain)

    also some brokers (maybe all?) will give u a complimentary permanent demo account if u have alive account... and as long as there are no maintenance fees or anything like that (which so far I haven't come across a broker that has those) then u can just use the demo account and leave ur live account intact... u can even tell them to put a different balance/leverage on ur demo...

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