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    Let s be more specific, 100% of traders lose money. Hence the term "Maximum Drawdown". Just like prices on charts move in zigzags, so does portfolio performance in most time frames.

    But if you mean "wiped out" then yes, some survive the storm in the longer term, others don't. I have no idea what % is a winner or a loser at any given time and how this % changes over time. All i know is it is more important to compare "your" performance today with yesterday's and attempt to fine tune that tomorrow. Like anything else, it is about self improvement. Statistics are what they are, Not always accurate and not fixed for eternity. I read an article like that when i first started. I think the only pro about such statistics/articles is that it enforces newbies to think about risk before thinking about profits.
    A good start for survival!!

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    Isn't it 95%?

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    It is not the point of 90 or 95% but the main thing is that majority of forex trades are on losing side and only few are making good money in trading. The majority of losers in forex are new traders and those who think forex is a get rich quick scheme.

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    May be more or less than 90%, but the truth should be similar that only few trader could make profits in the long term, and most will lost, it's common rules in business field, what we do is try to become the top traders.

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    95 % of people loosing their money and only 5% know how to earn on Forex

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTori View Post
    95 % of people loosing their money and only 5% know how to earn on Forex
    95% lose and in the 5 % less I think less then 1% actually makes money. because you also have the break even people.

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    90,95% traders loosing money..Why are you here then if you honestly believe that?Would you bet months of your life and lets say 20k of your money on 95% loosing bet.In that case you have a higher chance of placing a 1 trade, all in go short or long at least that's 50/50 right.I don't think so.
    Take a kid as an example who starts playing soccer what are the chances him becoming a pro?Same.Why?Not because he doesn't have the talent to be at least mediocre 3rd league player in the uk with an average Joe's income.It is because he gives up,get's bores,older and finds different interests.If he gave it all,lot of training daily,atc. and sacrificed a lot along the way he would even without any talent.
    Also to mention a lot of people opens a 200 or so account just to give it a go.Lets buy low and sell high right mentality without proper research,training and knowledge.Its not that hard they might reckon.Only to find themselves loosing it all and continuing with their daily jobs without ever looking back without realising that their logic was sound it was their emotions and psyche that failed them

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    I worked for one of the UK spread betting companies and that figure felt correct. I think part of the problem is the aggressive sales techniques employed on clients with no experience. Novice traders can open and fund accounts with little or no knowledge of forex. I think that 90% figure could be improved upon if there was a bit more discretion about who opened accounts.


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    There is not much horror in forex trading. I was also frightened before starting it. After much practice forex become easy for me . I loose in it but gradually I made profit in it . Forex may be difficult for many people but it is not reality that more than 90% are fail in forex market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTori View Post
    95 % of people loosing their money and only 5% know how to earn on Forex
    I don't think so. It's right that there are lower percentage of people who can be successful in trading than people who are failed in here but there is no real data that there are 95% of losing traders and 5% of people who can trade and earn in forex. But out of that, there are only few traders who won in the business not automatically making you failure too. It's depending on your own skill of trading and your money management.

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