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hi , I want to chk how many maximum trade that I can proceed with mini a/c $300 . I'm prefer to play with small size lot before go for a big size lot
because of the risk . Put more trade like $100, each times 3 trade =$300.
And wait for a result .
Do anyone there make $150 profit day trade using mini $300 a/c .
Or what are the min & maximum profit that someone can make with $300 mini a/c. Just want to know, Pls adv.Thanks.
let me put it this way.
could you mention any entrepreneur out there who starts with for example $600K capital and made $300K profit per sale?
if it possible in real world, so it will posible in FX trading.
so before you throw out your money into a broker and burn it all. better you start read free educational articles provide by babypips , BrokerArena, investopedia(dot) com, or any free resources out there.