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    I have been reading for about five months and than opened micro account and start trading. My start was with a very small deposit and my trading volume was very low so I can trade longer and get the real experience.

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    For me it took like a week or so to get started but I have faced so many uncertainties, but I’ve had some experienced traders to help me out. One good advice I can give you is, you should get started with demo accounts. Try few brokers of your choice and see with demo accounts before you put your real money in to it

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    About 3 months but until now, i also still learn in forex trading and still use demo account to more understand about forex trading. I try to improve my trading skill in forex and learn from my trading experience. As long as we trade in forex, i think, we should not stop to learn forex trading. We also can try to learn from video tutorials like i get from my broker, tenkofx.

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    I have now been trading for over 2 years, live and on demo, and let me assure you you can never read enough never learn enough when it comes to forex.

    I am still understanding many things even after all this time...

    I was told when I started minimum of demo account for about 6 months, then move onto live.

    You can never stpo learning about forex

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