How long did you study up before you traded?
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    Default How long did you study up before you traded?

    How long did you study before you went for it? I have been reading up for awhile now, and I am not sure I will ever be ready. I just started reading the school here, and it is pretty informative. There is just so much to learn!

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    I have been reading up for about 2 mos now, I still haven't traded. I am having a hard time remembering everything I have read, it is gonna take some time for me to absorb it all.

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    I have been reading for a couple months too, but now it is time to go or get off the pot. I am gonna start a demo next week, I think it is going to be the closest thing to real world training. I have a feeling I could read forever and not ever have the guts to do it. It feels good having the info, but I need the experience. Try and fail, learn from it and do it again.

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    the only way to lern is star trading little by litle you will have the feeling specially if is your own hard hard earning dollars.

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    Get a Demo account NOW......before you think you are ready....once you see it in front of you and can play around with it you will be surprised at how quickly you can learn!!

    I have been doing it just about 6 months now.......started trading WHILE i was reading (demo account) and i am JUST now going live.....i am finally profitable biggest lesson to learn is

    DO NOT trade on the lower time frames
    it is a horrible idea.......Trade on 4HR and Daily and even weekly It is a million times more accurate than the lower time frames and you don't have to sit all day at your comp.....msg me if you would like information on systems that trade those time frames i am more than happy to recommend a few.

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    I waited about 4 months, then I got a micro account. You are looking at about ten cents a pip. Track the amount of pips you gain and loose not the actual monetary value of each pip. When you have a positive pipflow, then got to a mini, then standard.

    by the way, you never stop learning!

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    I would like to know about the bigger time frame systems
    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Me too.

    I am using the cowabunga system which I find great.
    But I'd like to see a higher time frame system in action and compare the 2.


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    I have been studing about one 30 days and doing the demo 10 days. have many days to go before going live.


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    alright for those of you that want to know about higher time frame systems......

    Elang is a user on this forum and is awesome all of his systems work great

    If you go to the free forex systems thread Elang has a "constant trading" thread or something like that and it has his "2550" system in is a 4 hour system and is SUPER easy to follow.

    The reason we trade the 4hr is to see the BIG is much easier to pick the direction the WHOLE market is going......think of it like this a large cruise ship is going one direction.......all you have to do is follow it....when it turns it takes a while but when it decides which way it is going to GOES!!!!! and is super easy to spot anyone can look at the 4hr and daily time frame and say "oh the market is going up" just zoom out and look at the big picture.

    The 4hr and daily also gives us a benefit of not being too focused on the news....don't have to worry near as much about are in the market for weeks at a time sometimes months and just RAKE in the pips......its not really fair to the market

    any questions you guys have just ask and i will be glad to answer them!!
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