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    Default MT4 question.

    Hi Guyz,

    Just wanna rectify some stuffs..

    How do u open a it by pressing F9 ??(Order). Cause i tried opening my position, and it states " trade is disabled- please verify operation parameters and try again later". Am i doing it rite?? Am currently using demo version.


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    I've been using MT4's interbankFX for a few months and thats what I got too.

    I think MT4 brokers goes for weekends because the market is closed that I noticed the swap charged/pay didnt change either during weekends.

    Usually I see some movements about a few hours or minutes before the US market close ( 6 pm singapore time).

    Are you on Demo? I am, if yes, this might be the case.
    I'll ask their live support in the upcoming week.
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    Yeh im on demo as well..thks for the prompt reply..

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    No prob

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