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    Quote Originally Posted by rtme View Post
    I always heard that 95% of traders lose money, but according to a website which analyses all the Zulutrade traders that's not true at all. I don't have the link right now, but the site is Zulu4me, they've analyzed all the strategies and say that many of them work in the long run +5y.
    There are two flaws with this analysis, at least as presented. I'd need to see the actual report to address it more specifically.

    1) I suspect a strong selection bias here. By that I mean there's inherently going to be more profitable traders in that group than in the general market because of the way that group is formed.

    2) Just because the strategies work in the long run it doesn't mean people trade them profitably.
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    I not think that 95% traders are looser. I hope this % will be less. Here most of the traders loose but they learn trading slowly and become a good trader. If so much loss is occurred why people are joining forex.

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    Basically, institutional Forex traders are silent, so you can’t count them! But it’s true, a number of retail Forex traders are losers, and the percentage is more than 90%! For the reason that, maximum retail Forex traders start their trading journey with a wrong path, they want quick success! By the way, if you are a novice trader then please don’t be scared about this statistic, just focus on your learning process and practice!

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    To be honest, it's not just Retail FX trading that has such a low long term success rate. It's common in most start up industries as shown in the below Forbes article.

    "90% of Startups Fail - What you Need to Know about the Remaining 10%"

    How many startups fail?

    Nine out of ten startups will fail. This is a hard and bleak truth, but one that you’d do well to meditate on. Entrepreneurs may even want to write their failure post-mortem before they launch their business.

    Why? Because very optimistic entrepreneur needs a dose of reality now and then. Cold statistics like these are not intended to discourage entrepreneurs, but to encourage them to work smarter and harder.

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    Nine out of ten startups will fail, and after 5 years those that survive will fail again 9 out of 10. People that have gone through college and got their MBAs has said they have learned more by starting up their own business than college.

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