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    Thanks for some actually helpful advice!

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    Thanks Jon!

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    As a newbie, trader surely needs to gain experience in this field and then only think of making huge sum of money through trading. However research shows that traders who fail to succeed lack in following these principles:

    Learning Money and risk management must be the first and foremost principle in forex trading. Before earning profits controlling the losses and learning from them is very essential.

    One must have a realistic approach. Don’t set very high targets for yourself which would later make you disappointed and frustrated. First gain required amount of knowledge and experience and then proceed further. Also one must keep his/her emotions under control while trading.

    So, plan your trade and practice until you are able to make profits that you desire in demo account. This will also help you build confidence and after that always start with a small real account initially.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RR25 View Post
    Hi all I am RR25!

    I am interested in making a lot of money so I have decided to study FX, when should I begin trading? How much money do I need to begin with? Also I am interested in learning stocks, is there another website like this dedicated for stocks?

    For a start I'd advice you to have at least 1-2K as trading capital so you can expect making 10-30$ safely in a day without taking dangerously high risk on your account (this gonna be 1-3% from your equity per trade). Regarding stocks trading you can check forums like or, they are dedicated to discussion of exchange-traded products as well as money management and psychology.

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    $10-30 a day? That's too much! Do you make that much? I can't believe it! That's too much, even for a trader professional!

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