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    Default economic calendar reading

    I see that a lot of traders talk about the calendar and I have been tryinh to follow it but I need to understand it to read it. Can someone tell me how to best read these markers and what is a good site to get the info the quickest without paying would be best. I noticed charges $1700.00 per month. WoW. It must be good info and fast so you can make the money but I basically have only been trading GBP/USD and would like to know how to read them and where to get the quickest info.

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    We are currently working on the world's greatest economic calendar to be released soon here on, but until then you can check out economic calendars at You can see a list of all the upcoming news releases for all of the major currencies. Hope this helps!

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    I like using ForexFactory for my fundamental review for the week. They highlight each news event by color code so you can quickly see what news event has more impact then another. "Yellow" very little market effect, "Orange" some decent moves and "Red" news to be ready for, the market will react in one way or another.

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    I like the calendar at ForexFactory too.... do you think babypips ever put a feature like that on the site?? i think it would be a great addition

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