EURUSD Today's Levels to Watch
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    Default EURUSD Today's Levels to Watch


    Choppy trading and rangebound ahead of holidays season. I do not expect a daramatic move in either side today, but following the news we might have a brief volatility. Play breakouts carefully.

    Long term view: Bullish
    Intraday: mixed, slightly bullish

    Resistance for EURUSD 1.3212 (today's high 1.3211 a pip shy) next important resistance 1.3244, and 1.3252 is pivotal more important resistance.

    Support comes at yesterday low of 1.3140.

    We will try to trade a breakout of either side today.

    Long above 1.3252, target 1.3290

    Short below 1.3140, target 1.3082, and 1.3052

    A breach of 1.3252 will confirm 1.3052 a bottom, and favours a move back to 1,33 higher half. so you can hold on it.

    Good luck..
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    looks like your short entry level was breached. do you think it will still go to 1.3082? It looks like it's finding resistance in this area (1.3120)

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    The short was triggered and made a low of 1.3108 before rebounding to 1.3140 and close at 1.3120.

    I think plenty of bids coming from 1.3100 figure, book profit @ 1.3120 and setup stops:

    Short below 1.3050, tp 1.3000, tp2 1.2980

    If recent recovery continues, long above today high, setup as following

    Long above 1.3212, tp 1.3244, tp2 1.3252

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