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    Not exactly forex but I have read (and am still reading) the following:

    John J Murphy - Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets
    Robert D. Edwards, John Magee, W.H.C. - Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, 9th Ed

    for technical analysis and

    Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

    as a general motivational book.

    All of which are great. I especially LOVED remnisciences. I think this is a book that you should read several times throughout your trading career.

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    "Trading for a Living" Alexander Elder

    Of all the books I've read on trading this has been the best for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddrankin View Post
    "Trading for a Living" Alexander Elder
    Of all the books I've read on trading this has been the best for me.
    I just had a look at it, it seems really good.
    Thanks for pointing it out!

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    * I'd recommend Larry Pesavento, if you are interested in getting into harmonics
    * Larry Williams for COT stuff
    * Raghee Horner's books (I find that she isn't always great at describing in her books, so I'd recommend going to YouTube. She has something called Super Saturday where she basically takes four hours to outline her technique and it's great! Plus, it's free!)
    * Mark Douglas is a must (both Trading in the Zone and The Disciplined Trader)
    * Technical Analysis by Edwards and Magee is great way for learning about indicators (and then choosing something that suits your trading style)
    * Steve Nison's Candlestick books (although the School of Forexology does a great job covering this)
    * Carolyn Boroden's "How to Master the Time and Price Advantage"
    * Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder.

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    I started with a book called 'Naked Forex' I was lucky to read that early on because it taught me the importance of keeping your charts simple.

    There are 3 books by Al Brooks that you should definitely read, but beware the first one isn't easy to get on with. So get a notepad and try and dissect the points it's giving you. Absolutely invaluable books. They're about what's called 'Price Action' which focuses on what the actual candlesticks are telling you as opposed to what indicators are saying. If you read anything it has to be these!

    A good all round book to get your hands on would be 'The Ultimate Trading Guide' by John R. Hill, George Pruitt & Lundy Hill.

    Attacking Currency Trends by Michalowski. Easy to read, lot of good points - would highly recommend. Again it tells you to keep the charts simple and minimise indicators, stick with trend lines and candle patterns etc.

    Others of note:
    Bollinger on Bollinger Bands
    Anything by Steve Nison
    Technical Analysis of Stock Trends (It's stocks I know, but nearly everything about the price action goes twice in forex)
    Fibonacci Analysis by Constance Brown (This is absolutely vital for understanding how to use Fib properly. If i'm not mistaken it's also a compulsory for financial students.)
    Gerald Appel on Technical Analysis

    I would also highly recommend 'The Forex Trading Course by Abe Cofnas. It gives an excellent introduction to the fundamentals that affect currencies.

    Hope this helped happy trading!

    ALSO!!! For the benefit of your limited time on earth - atleast for now - forget Gann, just don't go there. It's far too complicated and the methods just make it more time consuming to do what price action might achieve. By all means delve into it when you're curious at a later time but for now as a beginner you're wasting your own time and prolonging your success. Please avoid for now.

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    For general trading, i hear

    Come into my trading room from Dr.Alexander Elder is a very good read.

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