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    Quote Originally Posted by afdzull View Post

    Opening Balance

    Closing Balance


    Test Account 1




    Test Account 2




    Test Account 3




    Test Account 4




    Test Account 5



    Demo or real test accounts ?? Can't you show us real reports ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by In2Blues View Post
    From the sound of your basic question, hypnos63, I would strongly suggest that you go through the free Babypips school before you do anything else. It will give you a good overview of the Forex market, including things like leverage, Stop Losses, and how to choose a broker:

    School of Pipsology - - Beginner's Guide to Forex Trading, Free Forex Education, Learn to Trade Forex, Forex Training -

    You can also do a search of the forums and find many recommendations for brokers. Most offer 100;1 leverage, but you need to know what that means for you and how best to use it. The school will explain that.
    I agree with you.Learning is very important in forex.This School of Pipsology is very useful and helpful.

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    forex is a legit way to earn profits online but you have to study and master it to really make money out of it.

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    Making money in Forex is simple.

    Invest time in acquiring knowledge and understanding of the markets; find a good broker; find one system that you COMPLETELY understand; stick to your trade plan and follow money management rules.

    You MUST remove emotions - stick to your trade plan, win or lose. Review it afterwards and change it if necessary, but always obey your Entry and Exit rules.

    Your lot size must be determined by your account size. Ignore this at your peril. This is probably the most important rule of all. I ignored it for a long time and I wondered why I blew my account when I had many more winners than losers.

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    yes I am a person here who is making earning from forex trading. I do not say that i am a successful trader . But it is a reality , people are making income from forex trading,. I do demo practice for 6 months after it start real trading , make losses in start now it is a time to make return from my invested amount .

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    Making money with forex is not just imaginative. Here I really find money as per my skills. In forex I am more satisfied than any other online work because in forex I had full access to my account . All good or bad decisions are my own . making money in forex takes some time of experience.

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    Of course Real job is essential to make investments in forex in case of losses.

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    The journey to success has many twists and turns but it is possible to make money.

    The golden thing to remember is to be realistic about your expectation. 10% a month return on your account is the target I aim for.

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    I made $330 yesterday from a $10,000 account. There are retail traders who make over a million dollars a year! The problem is not many of them are willing to take the time to write down their systems. Why would they? Most people that sell systems/write books on trading are failed traders trying to make a buck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgray110 View Post
    Fact, 99% lose, common sense, start with the smallest possible amount and account and trade sparingly your most confident setups even if it means you don't trade for several days or even weeks.
    Sorry, but that´s simply not true (Marketers trying to sell their stuff often quote it), the truth is (some of the largest Brokers made an investigation) that about 70 % of Traders loose Money, 30 % are profiting, 5 % earn a lot of cash and
    1 % are the eleite.traders.
    Of course if you only count newbies the percentage of loosers is bigger....
    I´m trading Forex since 2 years now and I needed 15 month (on Demo) to become profitable, meanwhile my Live-Account grows between 3 % and 35 % a month, but if I reinvest my earnings I suppose I´ll need another 3 - 5 year to live off it.
    Kind regards

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