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    I know it is hard if you are a starter in forex but as time goes with effective learning and studying you can get over it no matter how complicated it seems to you. I traded with demo for some months with the aim of coming up with solid trading strategies. Do trade with demo account for now, I'm pretty sure you will improve if you believe it.

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    You can make money from Forex... and there is absolutely no need to lose money with Forex but 99% of people will anyway, even those who go on to success will have had some kind of major loss to report!!!!. The steps are in fact very simple and very logical:

    1. Develop through knowledge a complete trading plan
    2. Make sure that plan works on the back tester
    3. Make sure you can execute that plan on a demo account
    4. Add the psycholgy element of live trading on a small account
    5. Build up that small account or add to it to speed things along

    Unfortunately patience will get the majority of people because it is not a get rich quick scheme like all the internet hype suggests, very few will get though that list and go on to profits but that is the real path. Check my username and visit my homepage for enough free information that you could possibly need to get started.... and most importantly of all, enjoy the journey, it will humble you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by emeraldorc View Post
    Try I trade with them and they offer micro lots.
    XM best broker

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    I trade in forex because i want to get additional income in forex. Now, i'm only a part time trader in forex, but i want to make my trading account be more maximal.
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    This Secker fellow is still around, still peddling his smartcharts. I feed of the free things like seminars and the like, take the little truth he sells(motivation) and keep my $ where they belong(my trading account)

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    Yes I know lot of people who are actually making money. I am also inspired from them and start trading in forex. Now i am learner and making way in the forex with demo trading.

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    Yes people do,
    But not all people are ready to work hard enough to have it.

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    People do make money trading forex, but the numbers are very low. Many sell their services, mentor-ship, signals etc. to maintain a steady income from the market besides trading.

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    I heard that there is 50/50 chances in forex. is that true?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cledid View Post
    Yes I know lot of people who are actually making money. I am also inspired from them and start trading in forex. Now i am learner and making way in the forex with demo trading.
    Yes I have friend on social media which he already able generate good income from forex business and also can living from earning forex, but of course he not only relying from trading alone, but he also explore in business to getting income from another source like as become partner broker.

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