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    Wow! A few years ago it would have been tough to find any positive comment to that question. Amazing what maturity in an industry can do. I do very well from FX trading, I also run a training program but that's a natural progression, I also have had a professional commodity trading background, so all said and done I am very happy with FX and commodity trading. I also trade stocks too, this means FX is not my only source of income. So I guess now I don't have to trade. I manage money for friends at first and now offshore clients.

    Next year I m thinking about heading State side with a view of further expansion. So I was just crazy enough to sink my life into this, a lot of people trade for one year max and throw in the towel. I really excelled when I took 3 months from a then lucrative Real Estate venture to invest in my trading, it went straight up from there, that was many years ago now. (I don't believe you can do this and have a job).

    So not to sell the dream but with the right attitude, this can work for you.

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    In my city I'm yet to find a person who is trading and making good money from it. There are some odd traders that are trading but not on very big scale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomworn1 View Post
    Hey everyone,
    I am new here and looking for binary options signals.
    Would really love to get some help as I saw there are many signals providers out there.

    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to the forum.

    There's a "binary options" folder, here:

    Personally, I'd advise you to stay away from binary options, for the reasons explained here and elsewhere; and I'd advise you strongly to stay away from signal services for the reasons explained here and elsewhere in the forum.
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    Forex business still becomy favourite business as one way to get earning, forex business still potential to making triple money although also included risky business, my young brother he now also already treat forex as main source income and some trader already trading for living

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    Forex trading some trader said if this is like as psychological game, which always involved emotion in trading, sometime facing floating loss will making fear and for newbie might this will disturbed emotion and being panic, become success trader is hope among trader and need experience

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    I understand your emotions, because in my early stage of trading I was also confused about my destination! By the way, don’t lose your learning interest too fast! You should concentrate on your learning process instead of your result! Do sure your fixed trading plan with your specific trading strategy or system! In addition, according to my personal trading experience PA trading strategy is the best system of reading Forex market movements, so study on PA analysis!

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