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    Quote Originally Posted by DavyBFX View Post
    I will adjust my lot soze to only risk around 10% of my balance if its a high confidence trade. 5% if its a low confidence trade,


    Personally, I don't take "low confidence trades" at all, and the maximum I ever expose to risk at a time is just under 1% (and that's only for the occasional trades of my very highest win-rate method).

    I've never yet seen or heard of any system or method that can indefinitely withstand 10% position-sizing without blowing most or all of the account.

    Respectfully, Davy, I urge you to read a beginners' book such as Van Tharp's Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom and gaining some perspective on the realities and statistics of position-sizing, before trading with real money. I have no wish to offend you or to sound rude, but the idea of having 5% position-sizing on a "low confidence trade" will make anyone's hair stand on end, if they've been trading for a while ... this is "dreamworld stuff" ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PipMeHappy View Post
    That's a quite a nice article you have shared there, thanks for sharing it here, it will help us to learn Forex More better.

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    I think 1 lot at a time is enough for average traders. When you are good in trading you can try more than 1 lot but multiple trades are making confusions for most of the traders. They should open that much lots which they can easily manage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosolite View Post
    I think 1 lot at a time is enough for average traders.
    Why do you think that?
    Your maximum lot size should be proportional to your account size

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