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    Quote Originally Posted by tom magar View Post
    which broker are you trading with? have you compared brokers before opening your account?

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    I'm a position trader myself.

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    Both run incredible for me. taking more risk with day trading according to strategy and less risk on position trading.

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    Hey mate,

    I trade all of the above. In trending markets I like position and swing trading because your returns are larger and frankly its less work. In volatile and range bound markets I day trade.

    Position trading - doesn't require a lot of capital and its the easiest way to learn to trade whilst making money. Likewise for swing trading. Swing and Position traders look at larger time frames (4 hr, Day, weekly) to see the overall trend in the market and use both fundamentals and technical analysis to support trade setups. It doesn't require as much time commitment, is less stressful, and has less risk.

    Day trading - requires more technical analysis whilst being aware of the fundamental events that are driving the technicals on the day. Day Traders generally make more trades than position and swing traders and thus take on more risk. There's less room for error as a day trader.

    As I said, I am not adverse to all methods of trading however I generally prefer Day and Swing trading over Position trading. Mostly because of my nature, I like analysing the market and I've found I make the most money that way.

    N.B. A good trader isn't the one who makes the most trades its the guy who holds on to his/her money. Oh and scalping is probably the hardest way to trade (not recommended for beginners) and will ultimately lead to over gearing and getting stopped out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJ6845616 View Post
    Position trading requires wider stops so you have to adjust your position size accordingly to minimize your risk which decreases the pip value.
    That is what I've been saying all along, adjust your position size. Post #16.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OOPs View Post
    True but how far can patience be tested,
    I have done what you say with position sizing,
    It gets disheartening after you have a couple of hundred pip move for a few dollars profit to keep RR OK.
    So a bigger start out capital helps the emotional side of things.
    At least profit looks better even if it is the same percent wise.
    That keeps you trading to the plan!!!
    Each one of us have a different threshold for patience. You can see my trades on a live account here and my Zulutrade SP account FxTurtle. You will noticed that my trades are infrequent.

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    i am happy yours and mine level of patience is more or less on the same level

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJ6845616
    Position trading requires long stops and big capital but has less headache.Day trading involves higher risk and lot of uncertainity.Personally,I am a swing trader and it suits me really.
    Newbie question, but do you ever feel inclined to get out of a position before the market closes on Friday as a swing trader opposed to holding a position for say 2 weeks or a month (disregard interest) ? My greatest concern is that an event occurs and jacks the market up on a Saturday when I have no control over my trading platform. As always, my entry orders are set and don't know if they would fill at the pricing I set if such an event occurred on a non trading day.

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    If you have a lot of capital then I advise you to start trading in position trade. Because it is a long term and need huge capital. You may earn a lot of money if you can trade in position. It also gives you a less pain. But if you have a poor capital then I will propose to u to invest in day trading. Its may give you pain but you may start to trade here easily with your small invest or capital.

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    Actually both are good but positional trading is good in that it brings lesser mental agony because you dont have to stare at the terminal whole day.

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