5% a month in forex?
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    Default 5% a month in forex?

    I've been doing alot of reading and I see a lot of traders who say they can make 5% a month in the forex... Is this really possible? if so, who's doing it and can you please share some of the things we need to do as new traders to get there?

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    5% a month is definitely achievable. Think about it. 5% is only $50 if you start with a $1000 account. That's only 50 pips.

    However, as easy as it sounds, you should probably be less concerned with the actual % you make per month, and just worry about trading profitably. Once you do that, 5% will come very easily.

    Best of luck on your trading!

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    I think you can really earn/profit much in fx if you are good at it. Take the experience of some fx online companies, they will allow you to practice in a month's time before you really invest. Once you feel you are familiar and at good at it, then that is the time to start but suggest with a low capital.

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    Yeah, but low capital is also the problem. One of the reasons why most fail.

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    Yes, 5% monthly is certainly possible in Forex. I have build an EA based on combined implementation of trend analysis and martingale strategy that can earn up to 10% monthly with a risk of 15% at disaster condition. If you trade half of calculated volume, it can earn 5% monthly and it's risk will also reduced to only 7.5%.

    A high level of capital investment is required for this type of trading. If you can invest at least $10,000 then 5% will be $500, significant to run an EA and monitor it for a long month. If you use a VPS to run the EA that will cost around $40 per month.

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    It is definitely possible, if:

    - you stick to a well thought out strategy (like trading use price action)
    - you use good money management principles
    - and, importantly, you are not greedy and want instant success

    I have found that price action strategy, with inside bars and pin bars, has helped me lose less trades and made me profitable. Also, I seek only trades with at least a 1:2 risk reward ration

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    yes man its possible, i believe a lots of trader do more than that and i know some of them, happy trading

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    Yes 5% a month too small to acheive. Many traders get more than that. i would like to trade with alpari UK spread betting. I have problem with opning it. any help? please

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    It can be possible but not for beginners, it need experience and knowledge to achieve the same.

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    Unless you take unnecessary risks, overtrade, and behave very naughtily with your account, then there is no reason why you could not make steady profits... You cannot expect the SAME AMOUNT every month, so that 5% may be the average over a year... Some months you may make less... or more, depending on circumstances. Also, if you trade on automated systems, you may be less able to intervene if the market environment changes, or, if you trade part-time (because you have a job that has nothing to do with Forex trading), it may be that some days you just have to give trading a miss... Also, take into account holidays etc. and times where you are not able to trade or monitor existing trades. So do not get too stuck on a fixed number, which does not mean that you should not have a plan, but it is better to close each day in the money than not, and if that means earning less per day because it is safer and more consistent, than screw the 5% and play safe. At the end of the day, we all know that it is always the tortoise who wins long distance races, rather than the hare. . . BUT if you are on to a winner, scale in your positions accordingly, and enhance your wins, with the appropriate safeguards (stops)... Going over your target, for a good reason, is not always a sign of recklessness. Opportunism must have a place in a trader's plan... be flexible, see what is in front of you, do not be a sucker to rules for the sake of rules. Having better wins on a high-volume, high-volatility day, if the trend is certain, is not gambling but sharing in the feast with the million other traders.. That the 5% target has been breached means nothing, if you know your risk and you can afford to aim higher at any one time.

    And remember that I am just new to this game, so I am just saying these things because I have probably not been burnt yet
    But seriously, just go out there and try your methods, strategies, systems, whatever you have, and see what you can make every day, then review it after the first month, then after two months, and so on... Draw your own conclusions and then come back with what YOU think is the best average target, YoY and MoM (Year on Year, Month on Month), according to your risk tolerance, account size, time spent trading, and trading style.

    GOOD LUCK...
    Trust Your Instincts, and...
    Happy Trading!

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