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    Does anybody here use a forex signal service? When I google it i see tons of companies selling them. Are any of them worth the price they're sold for?

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    I recommend that you try to find a site that rates these signal services. Find the ones that gives actual user reviews so you can hear some first hand experiences. One site off the top of my head that you can go to is

    I guess the real question is, and I mean this in a respectful way- why would you want to use signals? What I'm saying is it is better to be taught how to fish than to just be given a quick fix. You will be better off in the long run if you can support yourself and not have to rely on anyone. Everyone is different though. That is just my opinion.

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    Another good signal rating website is They also rate stock, options, and futures signals as well.

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    I agree with Itrade. What attracts people to Forex is the idea of becoming independent.

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    Yah, and being able to do it on your own, learn it on your own and as such, build your self-esteem in the process...

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    Quote Originally Posted by signalsprovider1 View Post
    I have learned Forex Trading information is website. This the best site in Signals Provider | Forex Signal Providers | Profitable Forex etc
    Connect Forex is doing better than this seo site I'm following Pip Investor for 5 months and up 86% with oanda and their so profitable. Connectforex is dishing out many profitable traders and its really the only site that I know of where we can see a webmaster do quality control. Myfxbook has standards too but limited brokers.

    signals Provider? where myfxbook?

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