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Thread: Forex mentors

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    I have several traders added in my FB profile that claim to teach you forex trading so that you will become able to make tension free money, but when I ask anyone of them about any track record, they always fail to do so. Several mentoring sites have fake reviews about their course. You have to be very careful in choosing a good mentor.

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    Hi Diego
    this is a really great string and actually something that ive often wondered about. I have seen online a lot of advertisements for mentors and professional traders who allow you to follow their trades. perhaps you could get involved in a couple of these communities for a trial to see if you get any inside tips? might be cheaper and less risky than putting all your eggs in one basket.

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    There are very few really good mentors out there. Most people who charge to mentor do it because they can't trade for a living. When I say most, I mean like 999 out of 1000. A very few mentor because they've made all the millions they can possibly ever spend and they just do it for the attention they get from it. It's not likely you'll ever meet one of those though.

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    Having a forex mentors is a good one because you get to learn from them and help yourself prepared on how to face this business. It is good to trade good and with a good forex mentors one can actually learn much more from them.

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