MT4- how to change the time?
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    Default MT4- how to change the time?

    Hi everyone,

    I live on EST and I was wondering if it is possible to change the timezone on MT4. I've been playing with it for an hour now and still can't figure it out.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I've tried to change it but it doesn't seem to might just be controled by the server

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    I use cmsfx vt trader platform. I have previously used java charts but didnt like it. I like vt trader, its free and the charts are great. I can set my trading alerts so I don't have to stay up all night.

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    im really liking the VT navagator charts. the only prob is it has everything but fib extensions. oh well. can anyone suggest another indicator that would be good for plotting profit taking areas please.

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    As far as I know (because I used to wonder the same thing) you cannot change the time on MT4. It sucks I know.

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    Default MT4 Time Problem

    I emailed them the other day about the time thing and they said that only the broker (i.e server) can change the time.

    The time is set on GMT +1, I think.

    In any case, it sure makes things squirrelly sometimes.

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    The time zone used can vary from broker to broker. About all you can do is find the brokers that use the time zone you perfer then possibly use one of them if the rest of their package is to your liking.

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    Default MT4 changed spreads

    Does anyone know why MT4 raised their spreads. The euro has a 6pip spread and GBP has a 8 pip spread and well as others. They seem high to me.

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    Default Most brokers...

    Most brokers have spread that increase during unusual market times. Especially during news announcements. For comprising the current spread on EURvsUSD from Oanda is 2 pips. It would seem Oanda has pretty tight spreads compared to many other brokers. Spread on GPB is 4 from Oanda.

    Also, spreads are not charting software dependent. They are broker dependent.

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    It varies according to the broker. I read that GFT uses GMT = 0. My broker uses GMT +2 but there is 8 hours difference in time zones where I live. So it gets very difficult to keep track of the market moving event times. Some guy by the name of Sonic has London, Asian, etc time zones built into his trading platform. But I have not been able to download his time zones.

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