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    I like eurobucks, it's the most dynamic currency pair. I really don't understand though. When I just got to forex, they told me to trade with the euro because it's the most popular pair. But now when I have an idea about the market, I understand that actually it's a very difficult instrument for newbies.

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    Perhaps they played a joke on you? Many traders have fun playing joked on newbies, giving them deposit drain advice, which are understandable for experienced traders, but newbies interpret them as the Holy Graal.

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    I don't think they were kidding, most likely they were serious, they just didn't take into account what a serious level of difficulty this would be for a newbie. I think a newbie should be advised to begin with something easier.

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    I myself recommended many newbies to begin learning on the euro. But I mean learning, not trading on the real. Yes, it's a difficult instrument, but a newbie will learn to trade there faster because the pair moves quite intensively. It's got fundamental and technical analysis, it all goes very intensely, which means you have to learn it fast.

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    That may be so, but not everybody can trade at that speed. Many drain their money and leave. But if they were to try the yen for instance, then most likely something would work out.

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    The problem of these traders is not that they chose the wrong instrument, but that they quickly started to trade on a real account. Now that's a big mistake.

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    That's the most common mistake of most newbie-traders. They're always rushing. Where are they rushing? What do they expect to get from rushing?)

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    Why not begin trading on a cent account? Loss risk is minimal, and you're more likely to learn to trade on a demo account.

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    I also think a cent account is what is necessary for a newbie. It was invented for a reason.

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    The most important thing is that the conditions be good on a cent account. Oftentimes they give you conditions where you simply can't trade easily.

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