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    Hi guys, im a newbie with a quick question. Does anyone know much about Anil Mangal course elliott wave trading? Im considering doing his course but its big bucks and dont wanna get ripped off! Any help would be great thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brucebottom View Post
    Does anyone know much about Anil Mangal course elliott wave trading? Im considering doing his course but its big bucks

    I know nothing about him/it and can't help you, Bruce, other than welcoming you to the forum, and offering my own possibly biased opinion - albeit as a fairly experienced trader who has previously read a couple of Elliott Wave books - that the words "Elliott Wave" and "big bucks", in conjunction, ring just about the loudest mental alarm-bells I've heard in this context.

    Elliott waves are a subject on which it's easy to sound impressive/confident/well-informed, because it's so subjective and interpretative that nobody can argue with whatever you say on the subject, if you say it smoothly enough and cherry-pick plenty of convenient examples that appear to justify your perspective (which is easy). Whether it's of any realistic value to an aspirant trader is another matter altogether ...

    For myself, I think in principle that nobody should pay for it without first talking independently to at least two people who have done it and recommended it and asking them to explain clearly exactly how it helped them. Just my opinion, of course ...

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    Since the post is all about learning forex, can anybody tell me how to choose the right broker ?

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    There are specific threads for choosing a broker

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBlackie View Post
    There are specific threads for choosing a broker
    Yeah mate, there are literally hundreds of thousands of brokers out there. You have to make sure you don't end up with one that is not showing you the actual charts or is scamming you.

    Main things to look for are how they are regulated and where.

    This is just a very short explanation though, there is a lot more to it and there are a lot more different types and variations of brokers. but generally speaking, most brokers are mainly divided into 2 sections:
    A book and B book broker.

    A book broker
    Is a broker that wants you to win at trading, as they mainly make their money of the spread (hence, if you trade more they make more)

    B book broker
    Wants you to lose at trading as they are taking the other side of your trade (e.g. if you buy/long GBPUSD for 20 pounds, they take the other side meaning they sell/short GBPUSD. They base this on the fact that 95% of traders lose money)

    Lastly, Whatever you do, do not EVER get into a binary broker/trading. Its a massive scam
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