Reorganization - changes coming to how the Forums are arranged, named, and organized
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    Default Reorganization - changes coming to how the Forums are arranged, named, and organized

    We've got some major changes coming to some long-standing naming conventions and general organization behind what you've seen in the Forums up until today. We've become sensitive to the fact that some of our Forum and sub-forum names may not be as descriptive as they could be, which might lead to confusion about what topics should be discussed within. So they're getting a chance. We're also combining some similarly themed and lower activity sub-forums in hopes of making navigation around those forums simpler and maybe spark some interest in similar but different topics. You'll also see some existing sub-forums move to existing or newly created "parent" forums, while other sub-forums break out and become their own parent forums.

    We're making these changes in hopes of helping you better identify where to post and search, while also making it easier to get around.

    Key Changes

    Newbie Island
    renamed to Beginner Questions
    Forex Town renamed to Trading Discussion
    Fundamental-ville renamed to Economics under Trading Discussions
    Q&A Corner renamed to Member Spotlight
    Bugs and Suggestions renamed to Community Feedback
    Broker Aid Station renamed to Broker Support and individual company sub-forums are going away
    The Majors, Comdolls, and Currency Crosses are being merged into Currencies under Trading Discussion
    Show Me the Money Daytrading and Swing Trading are being merged into new forum Trading Systems
    Commercial Content
    is newly created
    The Melting Pot renamed to The Lobby

    Expect some other changes not listed above. Changes will take effect Monday, April 17 after the scheduled maintenance planned for 6PM ET NYC (UTC-05:00).

    This reorganization is just the start of some major changes coming to the website in the next few weeks. As we get closer to releasing those changes, we'll be sure to post here with more information.

    I welcome your feedback and any other questions you might have.


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    Looking forward to seeing what other changes you have in store, also.

    Have you reached out to any of the BP long standing members here for advice on potential changes - I guess these members use other forums too, and know what draws in the crowds? Try not to keep to a top down approach whereby the people making the decisions are not the people who actively use BP - if that makes sense?

    Just thinking where you'd get the most leverage and valuable advice from.

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