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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Makins View Post
    To be honest, Binary Options trading is not for the general traders! It looks like gambling, that’s way novice traders should stay away from Options trading! I started my trading career from stock trading but right now I use only Forex market! I must say, Forex trading business is most flexible one! Here I can moderate my risk percentage with enough defensive rules; that’s way I recommend Forex not Options trading!
    I am also a newbie to trading and actually started off with Binary Options trading in Jan 2017. Over time, I find it is not easy, as you really need to have a high percentage of winning trades to overcome the odds. Either that, you need to be very good at positioning your trade sizes. At this point, I am still learning but I find that for Forex, you can do SL and thus manage the risk-reward ratio, which I find more meaningful and less stressful.

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    Guys has anyone here qilling to help me or willing to share his her long time winning strategy on iq iption? Guys please help me im stuck on finding my strategy to strart in iq option

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    Quote Originally Posted by nitacrawfrd View Post
    Guys has anyone here qilling to help me or willing to share his her long time winning strategy on iq iption? Guys please help me im stuck on finding my strategy to strart in iq option
    Yeah, I'll share. It's fairly simple. Close your account. Thats it. Learn to trade the spot market instead.

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    it happens a lot of times in binary option. i do a put trade and it goes down, but in the last secont it suddendly does up and i lose the trade, why??

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyRomeo View Post
    Thanks for your reply Sebastiano, and for the links to those articles. Looking back now, I can't believe how naive I was. I can't believe how many people buy into this scam - it's crazy. How are these companies still operating when it is clear that this is daylight robbery?! I've definitely learned my lesson. Thanks for the advice. I hope others take note.
    You're most welcome GuyRomeo. Don't judge yourself too hard. Unfortunately it happens to a lot of people as these "agents" are quite persuasive. The scheme is made just like that - they do everything for you and you just see how the profits grow more and more until "something happens". I don't know as well how these brokers are still in business as it is clear that their activities are illegal but obviously they are using some gaps in the laws. Hopefully this will end soon.
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    Hi guys.
    I recently read an article which you might find interesting as well - Binary Options: Where it really belongs - Opinion

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    Binary options have such poor reputation – and justifiably, I think – because people lose a lot of money to them. You’d say that people also lose a lot of money to Forex, that 95% of traders lose, but do they lose as much as binary options traders do? Not only are binary options traders gambling when they trade binary options (and I don’t think that we can call Forex trading gambling, unless one is relying on luck, rather than knowledge), but the amount of scammers among the binary options brokers is really disheartening.

    According to recently released statistics by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Australians have lost AUD 11.5 million to 879 cases of cold calling scams involving investment opportunities in binary options. It’s hard to have a positive view in the light of such statistics.

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