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    I have a new Forex message board at where all are welcome to post questions, trade ideas etc. My website was devoted to trading stocks, but last November I moved to Forex and have never looked back. I just wish I had not been scared away from Forex for so long by some totally mis-guided 'horror stories' I had heard!
    I also have a semi-live chat area at . I say "semi live" because you have to manually refresh the page to see new posts .. but for companionship during live trading, it is pretty cool. If several people are there at the same time, we can talk 'almost' in real time.
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    I have one, which I am sure will be mildly entertaining to anyone who knows what they are doing (I look at some of my first posts in various places and ... whoa ... I'm a giant idiot! ).

    You can find the link in my profile.

    Anyway, I'm testing some EA's (William Boatwright's Neural Network 2) to see how they fare compared to good old fashioned live trading. Not much going on right this week, but I am hoping to see things move every now and then.


    Edit: Is this really my first post? I should lurk less...
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    I have a site with tips and tricks on forex ,as i am not allowed to post a link,check it out in my profile

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    Greetings all,

    I've been impressed with the amount of valuable information here at and the amount that everyone here helps each other in their journey. It's a great community!

    I'm still in the beginning stages of my journey, but I've recently started a blog to chronicle my ideas, trades, and lessons learned. Its focus is on swing trading the major pairs. Since I don't have enough posts to post the URL, you can find the URL in my profile if interested.

    Good trading,

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    Default Forex Blog

    Please check out my profile, I have one sharing my trading idea.


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    Default Hello - Introductory post

    Hi everybody, just joined Baby Pips, although I have been visiting the site for about a yr. I have been trading futures & options (esp emini) for quite some time, but forex about 3yrs. I think this is a really great site and has a lot of material to help traders. I learn something new every time I visit.
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    Hi Big Pippin. I have a blog. I'm not trying to advertise, but the title of the thread says - do you have a blog? lol....Where do I post a link to my blog? Thanks for your help.

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    Default You can post it anywhere

    As long as you are not advertising.

    I have actually started a new blog. You can view my new blog right here on Babypips. Click here >>> Coastal Forex

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    Yeah, I have two blogs, hosted on Blogspot , there are daily analysis and best trading systems posted there

    Can't post the link coz forum rules
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    I like this part where the author says:
    "Trading is a very emotional experience for most people including myself. So I want my trading to be as systematic as possible because traders tend to make mistake in their trading by their own emotions."
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