Do any of you have a forex blog?
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    Default Do any of you have a forex blog?

    I have been reading the forums for awhile and have since become addicted to Forex blogs.

    Do any of you have a Forex blog. If so I would like to check it out. Not sure if we can post links to personal blogs. (If this is inappropriate then please remove this thread moderators.)

    Otherwise post a link to your blog or PM me a link to your blog. There aren't enough forex blogs to read.

    I am looking forward to finding good blogs that aren't abandoned.

    Happy Investing,

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    I think this is a great question. It's fun to read other traders blogs. If you haven't done so already, we host a bunch of blogs right here on the site.

    I also want to welcome any traders to post their blog link in this post. If you want, we will put a link for your blog on our blogs (provided that you aren't selling anything and agree to put a link back to

    I'm excited to see how everyone is trading!



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    Default That's great...

    Big Pippin,

    I have read a lot of the blogs on this site. In fact your old blog is how I found babypips. I love the style you guys write in it definitely adds humor.

    I have just posted a link to your site on my blog. (Bottom right side). I would love if you guys linked to my blog. I am not selling a darn thing either... lol.

    Now that I know it's OK I will post the link to my blog here: Coastalfx Journal

    Posters, let's see your blogs!

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    I've had a forex blog for a while now. I mainly use it to journal my trades as well as just ramble on about various aspects of the forex market and trading in general.

    The blog is ForexSpirit.

    My blogroll contains links to other interesting trading related blogs I've come across.
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    Hope this helps.

    It is not my blog but it is a blog I found today. This guy claims he has been making 200 pips per week consistently since 2002. He has some very good trades with video to back them up and he makes the calls before hand.

    Nick’s Forex Blog

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    Thanks for the contributions everyone. I am working to get your links added to the blogroll. Keep them coming

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    Default Colin and Sandhockey...

    Just to let you know I have linked to your blogs and would love to link to others. If they would post them. I can't believe we are the only ones with blogs.

    All the best,

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    I have a trading education blog. While it's not market specific, most of the material is applicable to forex trading, and some of the stuff is directly about forex.The Essentials of Trading.
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    I've finally settled on the rules for a trading experiment I've been flirting with. Here's a link to the blog I just started on it:
    Dark Side of the Forex

    Thanks for the tip, BP. There's a link back to down at the bottom of it.

    Keep pippin...

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    Default My Blog is a Journal of my Forex Journey

    My blog forexology is a journal of my forex journey, an inventory of mostly great free forex goodies, plus great links to sites like Babypips.

    I've been trading live since June 7, 2007 and I share my sorrows and joys there. My experience with demo accounts are reported there as well.

    You are welcome to visit.

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