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    Interestingly, all of knowledgeable Forex traders are lucky here! On the other hand, low skilled Forex traders are unlucky when they try to trade seriously with their live trading investment! Basically, there is no secret of success! Be knowledgeable and be successful! I worked hard in my demo, even I didn’t consider the low percentage of successful Forex traders in Forex, as a result now I am able to earn money manually! So, success is not impossible here, just believe on yourself!

  2. #32 trading is mostly luck :-)

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    What do ninety five% of forex investors do wrong?

    This list beneath is not the total list but it indicates a number of the matters ninety five% of foreign exchange traders do:

    insufficient investment
    lack of proper hazard management
    over buying and selling
    revenge trading
    loss of emotional manipulate.
    No endurance to attend for proper trading setups
    no trading plan
    get wealthy quick mentality
    counting pips rather than specializing in account boom over a long term period.
    Can not receive trading loses as part of the manner

    Skill is better than luck in the Forex.

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    The question is: can you lose money in trading on purpose? the answer is yes. Therefore, it is a skilled game. However, skilled athletes, poker players etc tends to be more lucky than less skilled.

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    Yes agreed, low skill trader need to Polish up their skill in order to be more successful in trading. Alot lost cos they jump into real trading without enough skill n depend on luck. If that the case casino is much better option for them. Alot of them when lost they tend to turn into revenge trading...

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