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    technical analysis torn to shreds by economic news - not good

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    that's why i don't set stop losses. i sit and watch the trade and using technical analysis, i try to get the best bet where the direction will take a u-turn, once it's abotu 10 pips or so close, i take the money i have won already. so i don't have to deal with this kind of pain.

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    The simple fact that there is no right and no wrong.

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    Sit and watch the trade? you must have no hair left haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by beausavage View Post
    technical analysis torn to shreds by economic news - not good
    haha, yes this is also very annoying for a technical trader especially if he is trading on a higher time frame and a good trader of a day or two is wipped of by a bad news report.

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    My biggest challenge is not taking trades that turn out to be winners. Lots of times I hold back because there's a big event ahead or because I already have a similar position with another pair.

    Right now I'm working on being more confident in my trade ideas and stepping up my trade management skills. Hopefully I'll get less should-have-been trades over the next few months.

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    Thought of a couple more...

    Gurus trying to flog their amazing system - if its as good as they say, why aren't they drinking champagne on their yacht in the Caribbean instead of trying to hook noobies for $20 a month?

    Noobies who's first post is asking others to tell them how to make money because their too lazy to be a###d to learn it themselves
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    I used to trade like a hamster on speed...

    Now I target one or two pairs, always the same ones,

    with a clear bias, and wait, and wait, and wait for the

    right entry after pullbacks in a trend...

    Plenty of false starts, so you can get caught out...

    Better to lose 70 pips out of a possible 200-300 pip

    move, say, than jumping in too early on a false move

    because of impatience.

    But the waiting will be worth it...

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    It is true that patience is a virtue. That is why in Forex we must be patient, wait for the right momment, but dont freeze either.

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    Really loss annoys me most. We all have good expectations of earning from this market but when it didn't work out for us, we seem not to be happy. All I am doing now is trying my best to limit losses while I increase my chances of gaining from this market.

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