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    I think that being patience and keeping calm is the hardest, specially when numbers are moving against you.

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    I hate it when a 'red' announcement comes out such as the GDP and it is negative however, the currency rallies out of control. I'm beginning to think that I should stay away from important announcements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by llonigro View Post
    I hate it when a 'red' announcement comes out such as the GDP and it is negative however, the currency rallies out of control. I'm beginning to think that I should stay away from important announcements.
    One of the things you will notice is that "news events" aren't meant to move the currency in the direction of what the new event suggest the price should go. The reality is news events are events which can push a currency 2x to 50x in 1 hour more then what the currency had traded over the past 24 hours. One of the things which you will see many people do is take positions right before news events only hoping to make a quick buck off of the shift in the price which will occur. The reality is trading in such a matter is at best gambling, and takes away from the essence of trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackface View Post
    Really loss annoys me most..
    Actually that doesn't bother me. As long as I followed my rules I can accept that sometimes things just turn against you. Not sticking to my rules bugs me, even if it worked in my favour.

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    when you have had a losing streak and you start to doubt yourself and then you can't tell anymore if it's because the trade is just bad or you are doing it because you''re afraid

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    1-2 ticks away from TP then 10+ pips reverse -.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huck View Post
    My biggest challenge is not taking trades that turn out to be winners. Lots of times I hold back because there's a big event ahead or because I already have a similar position with another pair. Right now I'm working on being more confident in my trade ideas and stepping up my trade management skills. Hopefully I'll get less should-have-been trades over the next few months.
    You have a plan for a reason. Stick to it.

    If anything open a second account to fine tune ideas and concepts where you might find a way to better optimize your plan.

    But to not adhere to the plan you have negates the reason for having a plan to begin with.

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    That the forex forums are cesspools of scam artists and fraudsters.

    The new and the stupid I can understand, that was all of us at one time.

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    What grinds me the most is when I take impulsive decisions or even forget my agenda. Most of the time my philosophy is right but then I break my rule. Or, I simply dont take the trade like a business. Any mistake I make in a trade ends up costing the trade. I will learn to be smooth and flawless. I dont care if I lose the trade, as long as I conclude that I did not commit any mistakes.

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    What annoys me most is after spending time to analyse the market, and the market turns to a negative direction when I finally place my trade.

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