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    The truth is I'm embarrassed and I do not know how to start, sorry my intrusion, I've recovered the calm and see in me a trader with few resources to win in FOREX and I want to take advantage of that terrible skill, may not do me a damn case and This is ridiculous for the whole forum and its readers that I am a BAD TRADER or BAD TRADER as friends and former colleagues of the work call me, I say former colleagues because I hold onto the trading and give up the job, first started as jokes as always lost In the trading I decided to send trading signals to some close friends when I bought them telling them to sell or vice versa and the results were changing my perspective, my friends happy to have won with the signals I had sent them, of course I had the account in Negative profit that mattered and started to rain me gifts and many tips and that's why I decided to create a blog like badtraderweb in wordpress and wait for comments and Because I do not share my signals in exchange for tips that you think convenient, if you doubt my strategy I suggest you try on a demo account to get acquainted.

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    Please, try to calm down and go through the School of Pipsology. Start from the beginning and go from there. If you have any further questions I am sure the people on the forum will help you.

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    It doesn't matter what your friends think of your trading. Its what they think of you as a person that's important. Whether you're a good trader or a bad trader, its not their problem.

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    Hi, I would like to share signals

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    thanks bad trader 2017
    what is your favorite currencies?

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