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    hi everyone
    this is my position. i have sold gold and waiting for TP.
    Tp: 1271
    Entry: 1279
    SL: 1292

    reason:Name:  mati_1-636281659456230177.jpg
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    I see, you used use here trend lines so smartly! In addition, I appreciate your signal service! But I seem, it would be better if you added here relevant descriptions of your trading! Whatever, gold is my favorite trading instrument! I get standard accuracy here from my personal trading strategy! During London session I like to use gold metal with my swing trading strategy!

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    Nice trendlines. Looks like a good set up. I am new to trading gold. are there any special considerations of your strategy or do you just use trendlines?

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    I have just opened a buy trade here (1253.31), yesterday I miss the change of support level trading (1250) even today I was also expecting the same level, but I have opened 50-60 pips above because of the buy market momentum! Now my initial trading target (TP1) is 1264.32!

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