How do you trade pivot points?
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    Default How do you trade pivot points?

    If I want to trade swing, how can I use pivot points? Is there some kind of weekly trade or something?

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    You no need them

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    Pivot points are mostly used on daily (D1) charts, so daily pivot points. One way to do it could be like this:
    1. Check the previous day closed bar.
    2. Determine the pivot points.
    3. If the previous day was bullish, look for bullish candle patterns on the H1 charts around the pivot point.
    4. Enter based on e.g. An bulish engulfing or pinbar at the pivot point.
    5. Ride the trade to support 3 (standard calculation of pivot points) and place your stop below the 'setup-candle'

    There are many ways to use pivot points. Try to find a way that suits your personality!

    Good luck

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    id advice you to use only yearly and monthly pivot points as the rest is to easy to brake and not follow up to.

    pivot points serve rather as a continuition (sometimes as reversal but that needs confirmation with more structures like double bottoms or hatever, head and shoulder etc.)

    you trade away from pivot points.

    Lets say a price brakes a pivot point and after it does it reverses and comesdown again (you can call this a retest) so it hits the pivot point again and stops there and reverses into the original direction then you can enter a low-risk long position and target the next pivot point (resistance level 1) as closing the position etc. etc.

    pivot points are like resistance lines or channels, they either hold or brake.

    here are a few examples:

    the red dottet lines are power points and support levels

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    I haven't got to grips with pivot points, I understand them easy enough but I haven't found them to be reliable although I am a gimp but maybe its because I'm using them on a shorter time frame to what turbo said

    Try this section of the pipsolgy. I find the writing here very easy to follow

    Good luck

    Pivot Points Archives

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    I trade based on Japanese Heikin Ashi candles, and combination with weekly Pivot or 200 simple moving average lines. 4 hours chart. I like it on usd/jpy, I get in a trade base on the begin of the second heikin ashi candle after the first candle changed color, which blue to red or red to blue. so when a candle touch the pivot line or moving average line, and turning around back the direction, I will get in a trade on the second candle, the first candle will use as a confirmation for reverse and setting up the stop for the trade. always set the stop, nothing is 100 percent but keep the lose low so just a couple of pips away from the first candle low or high depending on which direct it was.

    please let me know if this helps or anyone make comment and help me improve. Thanks!
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