Accurate Daily Trade Levels
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    Default Accurate Daily Trade Levels

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to stop in and introduce my new thread. Starting for Monday Jan 16th, I will be posting actionable trades for at least 8 pairs and maybe a couple of bonus pairs thrown in.

    These trades will be specific spots to enter a trade with a tight stop loss (12-15 pips) and an equivalent profit target. We normally get a good reaction within the first 30 min bar after we enter. Either get our money or get stopped out and move on.

    I look forward to seeing everybody for Mondays trades.

    Quick Rule Set for Mondays trades.

    1) DO NOT trade during "Red" Macroeconomic news
    2) SL for these trades is 15 pips
    3) TGT for these trades is 15 pips
    4) Move stop to BE after 8 pip move in your favor
    5) BE is BETTER than a loss
    6) Levels are good for the next trading day only
    7) I will publish levels by 8pm EST for the next days trading
    8) Use proper Money Management preference is for 1/2% per trade so that I can take all of them
    9) There will always be another Trade.....don't sweat the small stuff


    MANY GREEN PIPS!Name:  01162016_TRADES.jpg
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    Today was a crazy day with all of the Brexit talk and huge gaps by GBP and EUR pairs.....Regardless, we held our own without any real hurt. Tomorrows trade points will be out in an hour or two.
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    Default Tuesday 1-17-2017 levels

    Good Evening everyone,

    Here are the action levels for tomorrow.
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    For Wednesday Jan 18 2017

    Name:  01182017_trades.jpg
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    Default Thursday Levels

    Action levels for Thursday Jan 19th 2016
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    I am waiting for your post for monday 23 jan 17

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