1 New Case of Covid19 in NZ

There’s 1 new case of Covid 19 in New Zealand, after 88 days without reported cases. :open_mouth: It was a woman in her 20s who returned to the country (last July 14) from Afghanistan via Dubai. :open_mouth:

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Thankfully the person in question has been in quarantine the whole time.

Yeah! :open_mouth: Their sense of urgency is very impressive. :open_mouth:

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NZ is where I want to be. Such efficient governance.

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New Zealand really did fantastic. I hope they manage to keep it up.

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Wow. Almost unbelievable. Especially for people who come from places with lots of cases! :frowning:

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How I wish we were all like New Zealand.

I agree. :confused: While most countries are still trying to contain the virus, NZ has moved on to trying to revive their economy. :open_mouth:

I hope so too! :blush: I daresay Jacinda is one of the best leaders in the world right now. :smiley:

Yeah. :confused: My country’s still in quarantine and it’s such a huge flex that New Zealand has already reopened their schools and are pretty much back to their relatively “normal” lives. :open_mouth: Good for them!

4 members of a family tested positive. No travel overseas and the source of the infection was unknown.

Yikes. That must be frightening not knowing where it came from. :open_mouth:

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Jacinda did incredibly true. But the local population too did fantastic - she had a people who listened to reason. I can’t say that’s the case in my country.

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Oh my. :open_mouth: That will get me more paranoid, not knowing where they got it. :open_mouth:

Yeah. :frowning: I think it’s really about the governments having a strategic and efficient plan to combat the pandemic, and the people following the orders since these are also for their safety. :open_mouth: How are things over there now? I hope things have improved somehow?

Our cases have been falling but I am convinced it’s because of the weather and it will get worse once temperatures drop in a few weeks.

Have there been any updates?

What are the stats of the USA and when will we reach this figure?

Covid is a scam - it’s a bad cold.

Control, control, control. Lies, damned lies and statistics.

I implore everyone to check out Dr.Carrie Madej, Dr.Rashid Buttar and Dr.Vernon Coleman on YouTube.

1090 people died yesterday in the US from coronavirus according to Worldometers stats.