1 Year Compound it Journal

me 2, i missed the selloff this moring as i wasn t around, was really nice, round NRS, divergence in a downtrend, fib, engulfment, weakness etc…but since it s monday and we re aproaching summer fast, i expect more ranges rather then trends

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A combination because that determines my lot size, but I usually place my stop a few pips away for S/R

as long as u win more then u lose in terms of RR u ll be fine dude, sounds like a sound strategy.BTW, no long on GU maybe a double bottom if it really wants to get back inside etc…but for right now pound in genera is weak, volume is rather low at support, so it might just continue. atleast imo…i ll wait, patience pays

Thanks 1odi!

Bought at support. Watching for a breakout of the 15m zone above for continuation toward the targets.

Thanks Xirtam001! A couple of years on and off. More seriously for the past 2years.

Well that’s my second red today -17pips. Over and out!

Planning to short around 1.2300 pending pullback to that area and confirmation.

Short GU. Pinbar on 15M rejecting extreme high @ 61.8 and H1 zone

Stopped out?

Well, stopped out rather rapidly on that trade -28pips. Not an exciting start for the week.

Yes sir/madam

Why do you think this trade moved against you?

My analysis was incorrect and I should have waited for better confirmation.

What specifically? You seemed pretty certain when posting the trade with multiple profit targets? What went wrong?

No one can be certain. I had a bearish view on the market based on my tools, but further confirmation, H1 for instance would have allowed me to avoid the trade. What goes wrong when your trades don’t work out?

Half foot in on this short trade. Waiting on H1 close for further confirmation.

I would totally agree on the idea of having a definite goal when you are trading. I am a day trader and have my goal set for doing the trading. I have decided my average pips per day and have fixed a stop loss in order to stay on track while I focus on making some good profits.

Short GU Resistance

There’s likely some mean reversion here to the D1 20 EMA…