10 Basic Things About Technical Indicators a Forex Currency Trading Beginner Shd Know

  1. Oscillator as Indicator: In most cases, an oscillator is shown or indicated as an Indicator.

  2. How Does Technical Indicator Work?

It is an accumulation of series of Price data points of a security. A Price Data is nothing but an amalgamation of high, low, close or open in a span of time. Not necessary that always the closing price should be taken into consideration. Volume and Open Interests are also made use of in some indicators.

  1. What is Data Point?

You can say an average of three to five closing points is a data point. This way a series of data points are created which gives a picture of the market. This way the market in the present and in the past can be compared. This is possible by collecting a series of price data in accordance with time. This chart can be compared with the price chart of security.

  1. What do you get from a Technical Indicator?

It offers you ideas and different angles from which you can analyze the movements and directions of an underlying price action. There are two methods such as stochastics (complicated) and moving averages (simple one), perhaps this has nothing much to do with an indicator user. Irrespective of whether you are aware of these techniques, indicator will help you gain a perspective of the market.

  1. What is the Use of an Indicator?

  2.  It is used to follow the price action.
  3.  It can be compared to other technical analysis tools to make sure if you are on the right track.
  4.  It is also used to predict the direction of future price.

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