10 Pips Scalping method & Signals

This is good scalping method in trading, use 2.5% equity for trading and
-watch 4h chart to follow this trading method.

for example i placed one buy in eu based on 4h chart lets watch what will happen

This trade hit my TP so i placed another buy for 10 pips in eu

Buy 1:33071

last trade also hit in TP, today total 30 pips

another new buy at 1:33149

TP: 1:33249

Thanks for the info!

10 pips sounds great. Do you use a stop loss, and if so, how much would you lose should your stop loss be hit?

Looks cool. And what about the reward-risk ratio?

i dont use SL, close all trades in average is exit strategy

maximum 10%

My last buy didnt hit in TP and there is one resistance created just below my TP area in 4h chart

lets watch what will happen, i hope we can use exist strategy if this trade go wrong side …

12 hours left now…!

Last trade also hit my TP

i hope this trade will go wrong side … lol

So are you just randomly choosing buy and sell? what’s the method here?

Seems to me this type of trading would only be good in range bound environments.

I`m thinking the same way. Is that right? I guess I just a few more examples to understand this strategy correctly.

I’m not understanding why the goal here is 10 pips, when the spread between entry and TP is over 100 pips?

not randomly choosing, buy / sell is based on 4h candle stick pattern and RS
yes scalping always works well in range bond environment, exist strategy i will use when range bond break RS and market go wrong side.

its scalping in small price action thats why i use 10 pips, if you are trading in trend then place 100+ pips TP

this is not martingale but have relation with martingale strategy to exit wrong trade, i dont double lot size 2nd / 3rd trades and use only 2.5% equity only in one time trading so its secure

All my trades hit in TP,

Have a great weekend … !!!

one more trade hit in my TP

Below is my last open trade in this weekend, TP 1.34661 EU

One question… on this last example.
It was a long position, right? If so, where would your supports be to open new the other trades? I kind see it, but, for me, they look a little TOO far from the open position. Would you mind explaning it to me?

I do understand scalping, but it looks like your entry is the blue dotted and the TP is the red dotted. Is this where my confusion might be corrected? The spread between the two lines is already over 100 pips. Why not use a 10 pip spread?

I am using 5 digit broker so 100 means 10 pips